Monday, December 14, 2009

Points To Ponder, Maybe?

Looking at the calendar today, the only thing that came out mf my mind was this:-
'Oh shit, it Prom Nite tomorrow!! And my hair looks like a lion!

Ah, whatever, i thought. Besides, Prom night is all about being known as the best damn thing to happen all December, after all that SPM hell.

Wanna know how it feels like sitting for SPM? A whole list of days which i sat my papers is all you'll be seeing below, right now.
Day One-BM-Actually, it wasn't as bad as expected.
Sejarah? No comment, since it's the objective paper.

Day Two-English: The topic that you wouldn't bear to stomach when trying to do an essay. The topic? School Students have too long holidays. Do you agree?
Well, being a student that has been pumped in with lots of English education, i'm gonna have to support the parents. So, 'Yes' would be the answer. The damages of writing something like that? 1000 words. Dead. And a sore hand.

Next up came Sejarah. Unsurprisingly, in line with the 1Malaysia concept (which i can't trust, and hate). Questions like what would we do to boost racial unity smacks loudly of 1Malaysia. Call it anything, and although it sounds like an "**************" process, valuable marks were there, so can't afford to lose 'em..

Fast Forwarding to Last Monday.....

It was a day where no one from my class, except for me who took the Economics paper.
And, looking back at last week, i'm glad it's just all over. But then, why should i be the last fella to go "Merdeka!!"?!

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