Thursday, December 17, 2009

48 hours later.

Prom's finally over. Yeah, it's sad that everything has to come to an end, but, then, it's just realities in life. If only we could turn back the clock, but then, no such thing exists.

So, it was fun, although there were a few things that could be better.
1)A buffet could be better, as most people would think that a buffet would mean more food choices.
2)The ballroom. It was a bit disappointing, as i realised that CHS had a prom ballroom that's much bigger than ours, not to mention a higher ceiling.
3)The dance music. Why disco-like all the time? Could at least play some romantic music for couples to dance together. But then, my gf was kinda happy that she didn't need to dance slowly, and falling down. What happened instead was some hugs, caresses, and French kisses. Okay, it was messy, but most importantly, i'm fine with it.