Thursday, June 4, 2009

What comes around comes around....AS IF

Gosh, i feel, so 'tall' and old. Not to mention being bogged with compliments from my fellow DJians saying i have a DFC, which, in long terms, the Diong Fan Club.

But, it's okay, because there's nothing wrong with it. where's the rest of thy real popular people... Like Keefe, the other Fifth former of the DJ Choir who was also bogged by a lot of 'clamshell', or in Chinese terms, 'lala' girls from Seafield.....


  1. hahahahaha~ DFC lame -.-' Tall and old... Your not that tall o.0

  2. now i get your point of doing a 'goalkeeper' stance xD
    HAHA!the words 'tall and old' reminds me of an old man!xD