Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Choir+Camaderies= Semi Havoc

Boy, it sure is a long time from not blogging, no thanks to exams, work, and, THE STATE LEVEL COMPEDITION!!!!!! That's driving me nuts. Anyways, time to talk about the state level choir compedition for all Selangor District champions, that was held last week.

After 1 months' of preparations, adjustments as well as a whole lot of sore throats, it was time. The time to face reality. The time that decides whether we will make it to the nationals. On the bus, it was all a solemn mood, as we braced ourselves for the compedition. Like how people would say-If you're too confident and excited, you have a higher possibility of being written off. That, however, doesn't reflect the general mood, instead, of mine.

So, 9 schools, almost 2 hours later, here's the lowdown on the schools' performances.

The last school to perform, which i think is from Kuala Selangor, did a rendition of a popular English song from the olden days, which, turned out to be a total wreck. Being all malays(no pun intended) they sounded really desperate to make the effect of a real english choir, which, if you give this sone to the Filipinos, they would sound a million times better than this group of, er, well, i don't know how to describe these singers. The same thing applies to practically 4 of the choirs, which sounded just like the last group.

Horrible pre-dominantly lousy Malay choir singers aside, there was one team from Semenyih that really impressed us, although they didn't win, their rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight realy got people singing to it...

Then you have Convent Klang. One of the only two choirs to do some Broadway-style movements, it definitely paid off for them when they got 3rd.

But one of the shock defeats not many expected was SMK Seafield. Touted to be one of the powerhouses to beat SMK Kepong, they slumped to a rather lowly 4th place. Even i was shocked, as i'd expected a three-cornered fight between Seafield, Convent Klang and Kepong.

So in the end, despite Damansara Jaya making it into the top three, we'd still slump to the all time-bulletproof winners, SMK Kepong. And for that, they will be going to Johor next month for the nationals.

Two word for Kepong- Damn It!

So, as the lowdown, many thanks to everybody who had propelled the SMK Damansara Jaya choir into greater heights. No matter who you are, whether the hyperactive ones, the bossy ones, the bi*chy ones, REMEMBER, you are all winners, and we are always a family.

By the way, can anybody tell me how to put the bloody photos into Blogger? Everytime i try to put in a photo, it always end up at the top of the damn posting, and refuses to be placed at the bottom. So, can somebody tell me? If you know how to do so, write me an email to Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

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