Friday, March 27, 2009

IPhone 3G by Maxis-Ridiculous or Just A Tech Marvel?

It's a mixed bag, unfortunately. So, let's start with the pros:-
1-It's brilliant when you're planning to surf the net. And brilliant means fast.
2-The Safari Internet applications is REAL good..
3-It's party piece lar....what else but the ever 'legendary' IPod?

And now, the cons:-
1-Look at the price-It's friggin expensive! RM2540 for the 8GB model, and RM2960 for the 16GB model? Might as well go for a HTC Touch 3G-At 2k a pop, almost the same features, yet you can put in an 8GB memory card and you'll still have around 900 bucks! Note that the price is using their most basic pack, the Value Plus Plans.
2-Use their iValue 4 plan, and go on a 2-year contract. With that pack, you'll get the phone for free. But, who's going to pay RM375 a month? In 2 years, you'll be Rm9000 poorer! Want more space for your iPhone? Then shell out an extra RM260 for the 16GB model. Yes, you'll have 2500 minutes of talk time, but will you spend that much?

So, there you have it, it's a very desirable phone, but, you'll shell out wads of cash just to have one. So as an alternative, why don't get one from parallel importers? You'll just need to shell out 4/5 ths less. Or get a HTC smartphone. Way better and safer way to put yout hard-earned money.

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