Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour-Increasing Awareness, or Mere Cheap Publicity?

Obviously, you don't need a genius to give you the answer, as it's one hell of a mere CHEAP (when i say it, i mean it) publicity stunt by the organization that spearheaded this campaign.

Briefly, we definitely know that most of us would definitely keep unwanted lights on (just typical Malaysian attitude). And, how often would we try and make the utmost effort to switch off unwanted lights? Well, it isn't surprising that less than a quarter of us M'sians do. Honestly, on a normal day, i would have only 5 lights on at night, 2 for the driveway, and 3 for indoors. And, they're just the lights i need as it lightens up just the kitchen and living room. Need i say more?

And why do i say publicity stunt? In my personal capacity, it looks like not everybody is that receptive to what ever this particular organuzation is doing, hence, the need for this campaign.
Again, personally, i wouldn't mind, if this campaign stresses on switching off unwanted lights anytime, everyday, but, this campaign says otherwise. And screw those fucking concerts dedicated to Earth Hour. Do we really need such concerts? Generally, i think not. Remember, you need those real bloody high-powered spotlights just to make sure everybody sees these so-called 'earth loving artistes'.

So, to those claiming to love the earth right now, you should have done this earlier. And, anybody that criticzies me for being a hypocrite, let me tell you this-Look at the downside to it. Screwed-up hypocrites.

David Diong

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